Winx Pixie coloring pages

Pixies are miniature helpers of the Winx fairies. A team of fairies met them at Pixie Village. Their magical power is limited, but it grows and grows with the friendship of the Winx team. Each of the girlfriends has their own pixies, starting with the second season of the animated series. Fairy Bloom serves as pixie portals Lockett, Stella – pixie of love, Cupid. With Flora he shares the adventures of the pixie of communication, Chatt, and with Leila – the pixie of dreams, Piff. Muse and Tecna’s assistants have changed. So Muse at different times is supported by the pixie etiquette of Tune, and then the pixie of the weather, Cherry. Tekna first had a pixie tech, Digit, then a pixie Caramel, which is responsible for physical endurance. Coloring pages with Pixie will help you get to know them better.

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