Winx Club Sirenix coloring pages

The magic powers of the Winx: Sirenix – the stage of transformation is accompanied by external transformation, the Winx received this power by collecting all the stones (sympathy, courage, etc.) and combining forces. Selki and the keepers of the sirenix also helped them in this.

The appearance of the Winx fairies in the transformation of Sirenix has changed slightly: the hair has become a little longer and is gathered in a ponytail (each of the fairies has its own decoration in the hair). The clothes have changed little: a regular top, a belt, a translucent skirt, dressed over leggings. All Winx Sirenix have bracelets and ribbons on their hands. The shape of the wings is the same for everyone, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties. The next power will be Bloomix.

Print out coloring pictures with Winx Sirenix heroines, invite the child to choose what he wants to draw, and most importantly, let him draw what he likes, the colors do not matter.

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