Winx Club Charmix coloring pages

The magical powers of Winx: Charmix – the stage of transformation is accompanied by an external transformation, which expresses the essence of the owner of this power. Each fairy got Charmix, overstepping her weaknesses. With the receipt of Charmix, the Winx’s powers increased, and they were able to use magic in those dimensions in which ordinary magic does not work.

Winx Charmix girls have changed little, the outfits themselves are very simple: tops, skirts and shorts. Bloom and Musa have a tiara and, accordingly, headphones, Tecna has a helmet! Otherwise, the images of the girls remained the same, do not worry and paint with bright colors, because the heroines are surrounded by magic.

Download your favorite coloring and plunge into the fairy world of Winx Charmix.

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