Tarzan coloring pages

Tarzan coloring pages are dedicated to a fictional character, which was invented by the American writer E.R. Burroughs in 1912. Since that time, the author has written a whole series of books about the adventures of an orphan boy. In infancy, he ended up on the uninhabited coast of Africa, his parents died, but the baby was able to survive. Thanks to the monkeys, he grew into a strong and agile young man – the primates gave him a name, nursed him and taught him how to live in the jungle. The hero won the respect of predators and found his love in the person of the girl Jane, who arrived on an expedition to African lands.

Cartoons, feature films and comics have been made about the amazing fate of Tarzan. The coloring from this section will take you to the wild world where animals rule and the fittest survives.

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