Shimmer and Shine coloring pages

Children dream of making friends with wizards, coloring pages of Shimmer and Shine will tell about such an unusual story, which can be printed here on the website in A4 format.

Leah was lucky, an unexpected meeting with two genies, twin girls Shimmer and Shine, literally changed her life. Of course, not everything turns out with little gins as we would like, they have been locked up for too long. But Leah realizes that their friendship is only growing stronger and she again turns to her unusual friends for help. Now the girl is no longer alone, her life is filled with fun and magic. Funny pictures with images of friends will cheer up, teach kids to understand what friendship is and how to value it. Pictures need to be painted with bright colored pencils, pens, paints. You can add details, flowers, patterns – this will give individuality to each drawing, make it special and unlike others.

One day, quite by chance, a little girl Leah met two unusual genies. Why unusual? So after all, no one expects to see in their face very beautiful and bright girls who fulfill any desires. Shimmer and Shine are the names of these modern genies. Here is just one annoying little thing that disturbs them… Little sorceresses have been imprisoned for so long that they do not know at all how the modern world works. Not at all understanding what’s what, without wanting to, they complicate the life of little Leah with their help. True, Leah does not despair, but looks at everything with enviable optimism. Well, is it so hard to forgive your girlfriends a few mistakes when they are real gins? In addition, it is in their face that the girl finds her best friends.

The animated series will appeal to little girls, and Shimmer and Shine coloring pages will amuse and decorate your free minute with a drop of magic. It is better to paint printed coloring pages with Shimmer and Shine with pencils or felt-tip pens.

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