PJ Masks Coloring pages

PJ Masks coloring pages invites you to spend time in a fascinating transformation of three characters from the French animated series. The creators came up with a fascinating story about ordinary guys who got their hands on magic amulets. With their help, they become owners of super strength and wonderful abilities of animals – a lizard, a cat and an owl. Friends perform their feats at night, when civilians are asleep, and evil comes out to create its black designs. Not always masked heroes immediately find a way to deal with the villain, but acting together, they break any obstacle.

Choose a PJ Masks Coloring page, your favorite painting tools and join the brave men.

Three six-year-olds live a normal life during the day, and at night they turn into superheroes and fight crime. Their name is PJ Masks.

Meet three unusual friends who save the world from various dangers under cover of night. In the light of day, the girl Amaya and the boys Conner and Greg are no different from their peers, but when dusk falls, they put on colorful pajamas and masks and turn into brave superheroes. Amaya can fly as fast as an owl, Conner can hear every rustle like a cat, and Greg can disguise himself like a lizard. No matter what villains threaten the city, masked heroes are always on guard of order. The main thing is to have time to return home before dawn!

PJ Masks coloring pages characters

Conner/Catboy is a blue-eyed boy with brown hair. At the moment of transformation, he dresses in a blue suit with cat ears and a thin cat tail. He is the leader of the group. He has the Super Hearing ability when using the suit’s cat ears. He can also jump high and far using the command “Super-jump!”, Or move quickly using the command “Cat super-speed!”, Or simply “Super-speed!” His super-hero car is called the Cat-Mobile and is located in the middle segment of the headquarters tower. His children’s bedroom is on the second floor, in a blue-roofed house, just after Amaya’s.

Amaya/Owlette is a girl with red eyes and brown hair, who wears glasses and can roll around. At the moment of transformation, he dresses in a red suit with a cloak that can harden into wings. She can see in the dark using the “Owl Look!” (or “Super Owl Look!”) and fly with the “Super Wings”. She can use her wings to create gusts of wind to knock opponents back from her with the command “Owl Wind!”. Her super hero transport is called the “Owl Glider”, which is located in the upper segment of the PJ Masks headquarters. Her children’s bedroom is on the third floor in a red-roofed house between Greg and Conner’s.

Greg/Gekko is a green-eyed blond boy who can do twine. He is the youngest member of the PJ Masks team. At the moment of transformation, he dresses in a green suit with a thick reptile tail, a comb on the top of his head and suction cups on his arms. He can use Gecko Super Camo to change colors and be invisible to others. “Super-muscles Gecko” (or simply “Super-muscles”) are needed to lift heavy objects. Greg uses “Super Suckers Lizard” for climbing walls or as a solid support to stop moving vehicles on his own. “Super Lizard Run” is used to run on water [8]. He had shown enough strength to lift Romeo’s gigantic mobile laboratory from the ground above his head. Its segment is the lower level of the headquarters tower, which houses the Gecko Mobile: a vehicle capable of floating underwater and moving along the ground using tracks like tanks. It is slower than the Cat-Mobile, but at the same time has the ability “Camouflage Gecko-Mobile”, which allows the machine, as well as the owner, to become invisible to others. The caterpillars of the Gecko-mobile are capable of sticking to the walls of houses, which allows them to discreetly get close to the villains along the walls and roofs of houses. His children’s bedroom is on the second floor of a green roof house, in front of Amaya’s house.

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