Peacock coloring pages

Peacocks Coloring Pages is a collection of images with birds that are easy to distinguish from others. It is generally accepted that the picturesque “fan” is a peacock’s tail. This is not so: bright feathers grow over the tail of the male peacock. He also uses his fan as a defense against enemies. The pattern on the plumage looks like many eyes, it scares off animals. In the east, they know that the peacock anticipates a thunderstorm, and in India they are kept near the house, because peacocks destroy young cobras. Color the peacock and its colorful feather fan with gouache.

The peacock is considered the most beautiful bird in the world, and the peacock’s tail is of extraordinary beauty. Common peafowl (Pavo cristatus), or Indian peacock, is the most numerous species of peacocks, belongs to the order of chickens, the pheasant family, the genus peacocks.

Although Indian peacocks are members of the order of chickens, it has been proven that this species is genetically closer to a turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) than to a chicken (Gallus gallus).

Common peacocks have a long, graceful neck and a small head with a small tuft: in males, the crest is blue, and in females it is brown, matching the color of plumage. The peacock’s voice is harsh and not very pleasant. The body length of the male peacock reaches 100-125 cm, the length of the tail is 40-50 cm, while the length of the coverts of the uppertail is 120-160 cm. The weight of the male peacock is 4 – 4.25 kg. The plumage of this beautiful bird contains a wide variety of colors: the back is green, the head, part of the chest and neck are blue, the lower body is black. The female Indian peacock is smaller and has a more modest, brown color.

Peacock tail

A riot of colors of plumage and a luxurious fan-shaped eye-like tail have created the image of the most beautiful bird in the world for the peacock. Interestingly, only males can boast such beautiful tails, females of this species were less fortunate. Their plumage is not fragrant with paints, but consists only of grayish-brown tones. Bird watchers call this sexual dimorphism. It turns out that what we call the tail of the peacock is actually nothing more than the feathers of the upper tail. It’s all about the height and position of the feather. Shorter feathers cover longer ones, reaching one and a half meters in length. The feather consists of rare filamentary fibers with a bright “eye” at the end.

Peacock is the most beautiful bird in the world

Peacocks are the most beautiful and largest birds in the world, and this is what explains man’s interest in this species. As an exotic miracle, they were kept in Roman parks, first for aesthetic purposes, and then they were caught and served at the table during lavish feasts. Common peacock meat was seasoned with various spices; it was considered one of the most delicious meat dishes. Nowadays, peacocks are kept exclusively as decorative birds.

Peacock species

The Indian peacock is not subdivided into species, but has a huge range of color variations (mutations). The following colors of peacocks are distinguished:

  • Wild
  • White
  • Black-shouldered (black-winged, lacquered)
  • Motley
  • Dark motley
  • Cameo, or silvery grayish brown
  • Cameo black-shouldered or oatmeal
  • White peephole
  • Carbonic
  • Lavender
  • Bronze Buford
  • Purple
  • Opal
  • Peach
  • Silver motley
  • Midnight
  • Yellowish green

The Joint Peacock Breeding Association officially identifies only 10 main colors (wild, white, cameo, charcoal, purple, bronze Buford, peach, opal, midnight yellowish green), 5 secondary colors (wild – striped wing, black-shouldered, motley, white eye , silver variegated), as well as 20 variations of the main colors and 185 varieties of the common peacock, which appear as a result of mixing the main colors and their variations.

There are a lot of beautiful birds in the world, but nevertheless the peacock is deservedly considered the most beautiful bird in the world, and it is the peacock’s tail that allows the bird to catch admiring glances.

Peacock coloring pages is a whole collection of outline pictures depicting the most wonderful bird in the world. The first mention of the peacock appeared about three millennia ago! The attention of people was attracted by the unusual plumage of the bird – bright blue-green patterns on the tail of the males. Their feathers are still used to create jewelry. The representative of the chicken, the animal is useless: it can only instill fear in other domestic birds, its meat is not suitable for human consumption. Therefore, they are bred exclusively because of their wondrous beauty. It is not at all necessary to paint the main characters of this coloring – peacocks – in blue and green: experiments are only welcome!

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