Oggy and the Cockroaches printable coloring pages

Oggy and the Cockroaches coloring pages are black and white pictures of cartoon characters. The main characters of the pictures are a cat and 3 cockroaches. The clumsy mustachioed animal loves to spend time in silence, sitting on its ottoman, watching TV, listening to calm music and eating sweets. Harmful insects now and then violate his idyll. They constantly poke fun at the pet, turning on the sound of the speakers at full power or stealing his favorite treats. The only means of dealing with impudent parasites is a fly swatter. Now the animal carries this weapon with it everywhere and uses it on its enemies at any opportunity. But so far his attempts have been unsuccessful. The coloring will not only introduce children to Oggy and the cockroaches, but also give the child the opportunity to help in their confrontation.

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