Koala Coloring Pages: Free Koala Coloring Book Printables, Coloring Sheets, and Pictures for Kids

Koala coloring pages shows a cute Australian mammal in outline drawings. Amusing marsupials, reminiscent of little bears, live in eucalyptus forests, feed on branches, leaves of majestic eucalyptus and do not drink water. The body of amusing fat good-natured animals is covered with thick fur of whitish, grayish, brown shades. The symbol of Australia has an unusual appearance: large fluffy ears, black flattened nose, tenacious paws with long dark claws. Embody any fantasies in the coloring, select plush koalas in a pleasant soft color.

Koala coloring picture will tell children about cute and funny animals, very similar to bears. It is found only on one continent – Australia, is one of its symbols. Animals spend most of the day in a dream, the rest of the time they are looking for food for themselves. They feed on eucalyptus leaves. The coloring clearly shows the appearance of the koala. The body is short, the head is large with small eyes, fluffy ears. Young artists will learn to distinguish between individuals by sex: males are more massive than females, their muzzles are wider, and their ears are smaller. With the help of adults, the guys will be able to match the colors believably. For coloring, you need white, gray, red, brown tones.

Koala is a small animal that looks like a small bear cub. Many will be interested to know what this amazing animal is, because even in zoos you can hardly find it – it is so unique.

What does a koala look like?

Every person who has seen a koala in a photo at least once will never confuse it with anyone else. And indeed: this animal looks very unusual!

Koala looks like a small bear. She has the same dense, slightly rounded body. The weight of the animal can reach 14-15 kilograms, like a medium-sized dog. The main distinguishing feature of koalas is gray fur covering their entire torso, as well as large round ears and a black nose. If you look closely, you can see a white fur collar on the animal’s neck.

The paws of the koala are powerful, mobile. The animal’s fingers end in very long, sharp claws. It is they who help the animal to climb any trees, hang on them and not fall.

By the way, the koala is a marsupial animal. This means that females have a special pouch on their belly – a bag in which she carries babies.

Where does Koala live

Koala is endemic. This is the name for animals that live only in one place on the planet and are not found anywhere else. This animal lives only in Australia – on the mainland, where, in addition to koalas, many other rare animals live.

In Australia itself, koalas have chosen humid regions for life. The more precipitation falls there, the better the eucalyptus grows, the leaves of which this big-eared gray animal feeds on.

Koala habits

Koalas spend their entire life in the crowns of trees in eucalyptus forests. They sleep right on the branches during the day, and at night they go out to get food. When the koala is full, she just rests, grabbing a branch. This beast spends about 18 hours a day in a motionless position! If the koala descends to the ground, then it moves on it rather slowly, on four legs.

Why are these animals so slow? It turns out that it’s all about their nutrition. Since koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves, they don’t get their energy from other foods. Therefore, koalas are sedentary in order to retain the nutrients they received from plants. The animal can eat up to 1.5 kilograms of eucalyptus per day! And they get other important nutrients by eating the earth.

Koalas are solitary. As a rule, if an animal chooses a particular eucalyptus forest and tree, it almost never leaves it. Cubs appear directly on the tree. For about 6 months, the baby lives in the mother’s bag and grows there, feeding on mother’s milk. After that, he slowly moves to his mother’s back and together with her begins to learn the world around him: climb from branch to branch, taste the first eucalyptus leaves.

Koalas are not dangerous for people. They are friendly and quickly become attached to people. There is only one danger – the long claws of koalas, on which they can carry serious diseases that are dangerous to humans. Keeping a koala at home is very difficult due to the nature of their diet. Therefore, even the Australians themselves do not risk taking these bear-like animals home.

Since gray big-eared koalas prefer solitude, they hardly communicate with each other. But still, if necessary, they make loud squeaks, screams, and can even growl!

Interesting facts about koalas

Koala is an amazing animal about which scientists know a lot of interesting things.

  • The koala is one of the few mammals that has print patterns on the pads, just like humans have on their fingers. They say that if you compare the drawing on the fingers of koalas and humans, it will be incredibly difficult to distinguish them even with the help of a very powerful microscope.
  • Surprisingly, for all their laziness and inactivity, koalas are excellent swimmers! They swim, of course, only when necessary. For example, if you need to move to another eucalyptus grove or run away from a feral dog.
  • It turns out that the koala is a very ancient animal. It has existed on the planet for over 15 million years! But the ancestor of this animal was called the Queensland koala, in size it was 28 times larger than today’s koalas!
  • The name “koala” comes from the language of the Australian aborigines – wild peoples who inhabited this continent for a very, very long time. In their language, the word meant “not drinking.” It used to be that koalas do not drink water at all, because they have enough dew and liquid in the leaves. Only later it turned out that this was not so. Koalas do not drink much, but they do it. Very rarely, they even go down to forest rivers or streams.
  • Koalas have an amazing sense of smell. It is he who helps them to distinguish poisonous from harmless eucalyptus species.

Koala is the national symbol of Australia. It is not surprising that these cute animals are so popular: they are a real symbol of calmness and slowness.

Would you like to pet a koala?

In faraway Australia, in the eucalyptus forest, you will find cute funny animals, very similar to bears, everywhere. These are koalas. But they have nothing to do with bears. Koala is a unique animal – the only one in its family. Most of the day she sits quietly in the tree and eats the leaves. The koala can descend to the ground as a last resort, only if she needs to move to another tree. Cute coloring pages about the cutest koala can be downloaded and printed for free on our website.

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