Game of chores – Gillian Craig

At home we always play a game

When it’s time to tidy up

We score some points for household chores

And win the housework cup!

Dust the shelves to get one point

One more to sweep the floor

And if you vacuum all the rugs

Then you’ll get two points more.

In the bathroom, one point each

To clean the shower and sink

The toilet is the one we hate

So that’s five points, I think!

We lay the table for one point

And cook some food for two

And if you do the washing-up

Here’s three more points for you.

Some extra chores can win two points

Like if you clean Mum’s car

And also if you walk the dog

And take it very far.

So that’s my game, now ask yourself

(If you want to play)

How many points could you score

If you tidied up today?

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