Ever After High Coloring Pages

Entertaining coloring pages Ever After High tell about teenage girls of famous fairy-tale characters (Cinderella, Robin Hood, Aurora, etc.), pictures with their image can be printed in A4 format.

They face a difficult choice: follow fate or come up with a workaround and become an apostate of the situation. The school curriculum is structured in such a way as to pursue the following goals: first, to foster in young heirs a sense of duty to the Motherland, to live like their parents; secondly, to develop love for the fairytale world where they live and grow up; thirdly, to behave in society as befits diligent children. However, each person is an individual and personality, therefore, not all heroes accept the rules of the game accepted in an educational institution, but try to prove themselves from different sides. In this way, self-knowledge and the search for that thread that will lead them through a fabulous-magical life occurs. The heroines of Ever After High became a logical continuation of the famous animated series Monster High. Only now the characters are pleasant in appearance and do not frighten with their paraphernalia, like mummies or zombies. Coloring pictures with their images is a pleasure. Children’s consciousness is not overwhelmed by elements alien to people and the time is spent with benefit.

What is Ever After High? This is the name of the school in the animated series. The students of this school are the children of famous fairy-tale characters (for example, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Mad Hatter).

Is it possible to be the son or daughter of an unkind character like the Evil Queen, but not inherit a bad character? It turns out you can. Some of the students/pupils will follow in the footsteps of their parents, while others will decide to choose the path of apostate or apostate. These cartoons are for girls (like the Barbie series).

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