The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet

A rooster fears that his dreams will come true.

The Goose Girl

A betrothed princess is betrayed by her waiting maid.

Cat and Mouse in Partnership

A cat and mouse decide to work together.

The Frog Prince

A spoiled princess befriends an enchanted frog.

The willow-wren and the bear

The Bear’s insult causes a war between the wing and four-legged creatures of the forest.

The twelve dancing princesses

A king attempts to discover the secret of his daughter’s worn shoes.

Briar rose

An enchanted princess must be saved by a prince.

The Straw, The Coal and the Bean

Having escaped death, three new friends attempt to make a getaway.

Old Sultan

An old dog ingratiates himself to his master, hoping to avoid a dire fate.

The Traveling Musicians

A group of displace animals successfully defend themselves against robbers.