Coloring pages for toddlers

Teddy bear coloring pages

Cheerful teddy bear coloring pages for girls and boys, you can choose the one you want and print from a large collection on our website in A4 format.

Black and white images of teddy bears will make even the most severe and serious people smile. Fairy bears literally radiate kindness and warmth. But in fact, this animal in the taiga is always very dangerous and poses a threat to human life. The bear is one of the strongest and largest predators, but on paper you can draw it the way you want – cheerful and good-natured. Teddy bears are easy to paint. Their shape is simple, and the images are large. We need to take paint. Gouache is suitable for this work. It is quite thick, paper does not shine through from under the coloring layer, which gives the picture additional volume, and skillful strokes imitate the texture of thick wool. Its color can be brown, dark brown and even white, of course, not in its pure form, but with various shades.

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