Coloring pages for toddlers

Cake coloring pages

The child is not able to bake a cake on his own, but he will happily draw it and in this case cake coloring pages will come in handy, which can be printed from the collection on the website.

The selected drawing of this most delicious confection will be very relevant as a birthday present. A beautiful and appetizing cake, you need to carefully, observing the contour lines, paint with watercolors or gouache, with which to highlight the cream layer with thick strokes. Working on such a drawing develops not only the imagination, but in some cases also the appetite. Children will be delighted to taste a real cake, which is very similar to the one they have drawn. Multi-colored berries and pieces of fruit, chocolate, sugar mastic flowers decorate the main festive dish. There are many recipes for its preparation, different in complexity. The picture, painted by the child, and then presented to the mother, will help her in choosing the shape of the cake and its decorations.

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