New Year coloring pages

Year of the Ox Colouring Page. Print Ox New Year 2021

Coloring pages for New Year 2021 with the main symbol White Metal Ox. A collection of pictures for children of all ages: funny calves, horned bulls, mighty bison, wild buffaloes, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons (Ferdinand, Captain Buffolson, Otis, Orange Cow) and other cartoon artiodactyls. Everyone will find a Bull template for coloring for the new year 2021 – easy solutions for kids, difficult for adults.

For the smallest children 3-4 years old, choose the simplest coloring. One large character in the center, which we paint in 2-3 colors. Coloring the child will get acquainted with the life of the Bull and the Cow. It is a large ruminant with two horns. Horns are common to both sexes. The bull is larger and heavier than the cow. The body is covered with thick hair: brown, gray, orange and black. Over 10 thousand years ago, bulls and cows were domesticated. Since then, they serve people and are an irreplaceable breadwinner.

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