My Little Pony Coloring pages

My Little Pony Princess Cadence coloring pages

Princess Cadence coloring pages represent a magical character from the famous animated series. For the first time, viewers saw her in the final episodes of the second season. She is the princess of the Crystal Empire, for the sake of her subjects she is ready to give all the strength of friendship and love, if only they were happy. She is married to her beloved Shining, whom they met thanks to the unicorn Twilight. He has the gift of reconciliation, acts as a peacemaker for all those who quarreled. And also a just ruler is able to heal with the influence of kindness and care. In the coloring on her body, you will find the personal mark of pony Cadance in the form of a heart, which should be painted in blue.

Download and print coloring pages My Little Pony Princess Cadence

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