Fruits, Berries, Vegetables coloring pages

Vegetables and fruits coloring pages

Fruit coloring pages – an incredible crop of pictures with familiar and exotic fruits. Print or save your fruit in high resolution. Ripe and juicy fruits become characters in cartoons and fairy tales. Rejuvenating apples, three oranges, friends of Cipollino. Fruits help the main characters achieve their goals, return home, and regain their former power. Expand your collection of coloring pages with pictures of fruits. Paint them with a vibrant palette of watercolor or gouache.

Vegetables coloring pages – a selection of pictures with useful plants from our gardens. Sweet carrots, burgundy beets, cabbage, onions, turnips and many other vegetables are waiting to meet you. Without vegetables, we would not have received the vitamins necessary for our body, the unique taste and nutritional value of many dishes of the planet! Print or save the image, take pencils or paints, color vegetables with friends or parents. Come up with a new recipe with these vegetables.

Berry coloring pages is a pleasant reminder of summer, the blossoming of nature and the abundance of the sun. For this, pictures with berries are loved not only by children, but also by adults. Juicy, appetizing, bright fruits of trees and shrubs create a festive mood. Wild or garden berries equally attract people with their taste, color and the ability to create drinks, desserts and preparations for the winter with them. Color berries with children. It is more convenient for young artists to remember the features of these plants, the color palette and even geometric shapes.

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