Fruits, Berries, Vegetables coloring pages

Berries Coloring pages

Berries coloring pages are a pleasant reminder of summer, the blossoming of nature and the abundance of the sun. For this, pictures with berries are loved not only by children, but also by adults. Juicy, appetizing, bright fruits of trees and shrubs create a festive mood. Wild or garden berries equally attract people with their taste, color and the ability to create drinks, desserts and preparations for the winter with them. Color berries with children. It is easier for young artists to remember the features of these plants, the color palette and even geometric shapes.

Cherry coloring pages

Cherry Coloring Pages – Collection of images with juicy berry and trees. A light bitterness today in the taste of wild berries is replaced by the tart sweetness of garden cherries. Red, burgundy, purple, yellow, black berries attract the attention of birds. For this, cherries are also called “bird berries”. Ripe berries are not just eaten. Compote, preserves, jams are made with them, desserts, juice and much more are created. Color the cherries with gouache or paints to give them an authentic flavor.

Strawberry coloring pages

Strawberry coloring pages – a kaleidoscope of pictures with sweet and sour berries. Strawberries grow in forest glades, in orchards, are firmly rooted to the ground and grow about 20 cm in height. The berry with small seeds on it ripens in June. Each berry bush is saturated with vitamins. The rapid flowering and ripening means that strawberries must be picked within a few days. Then the berry harvest dries up or crumbles to the ground. Do you dream of getting to a summer meadow with strawberries at any time of the year? Print and color the strawberries with gouache or felt-tip pens.

Blueberry coloring pages

Blueberry coloring pages – children’s drawings with miniature berries on bushes and twigs or separately. Blueberries are so named for their dark blue, almost black skin color after ripening. Blueberries have long been revered as a healthy berry, they are harvested and stored for future use. It lends itself well to drying, freezing, has a pleasant taste after rubbing with sugar or in jam. With the help of blueberries, many delicious dishes are prepared and even improve vision. Print out a picture of blueberries and color this healthy berry with gouache.

Raspberry coloring pages

Raspberry coloring pages – pictures for children with a delicious and fragrant summer berry. It grows in forests or garden plots. Raspberries turn pink, red or yellow when ripe. The fruits of the shrub are consumed fresh. They ripen in the summer about every three days. The berries are dried and frozen for future use, jam, jam and compotes are made from berries. When coloring a raspberry, tell the children what this berry is useful for, and which of the animals loves to feast on fragrant raspberries no less than people.

Currant coloring pages

Currant Coloring Pages – a collection of images of shrubs with berries, twigs with ripe currants or at the time of flowering plants. The berry, familiar to many from childhood, after ripening attracts people and birds with yellow, red or black skin. Currants taste sour, but very healthy. It contains a lot of vitamin C. The berry is useful for colds and their prevention. It is stored for the winter, jams and jams are made from it, and added to sauces. Choose paints or pencils for coloring currants, this berry loves to be a noticeable plant in the garden.

Gooseberry coloring pages

Gooseberry coloring pages – a collection of pictures with berries that grow on a bush. The fruits have a sweet-tart, sometimes sour taste, but this does not reduce the number of gooseberry fans. Gooseberries are rich in vitamins and complement desserts, compotes and other drinks well. Jam is also made from gooseberries. You can paint the gooseberry bush in a green palette. The berries remain green after ripening, or turn red or yellow, pink, burgundy, blue or purple.

Fruit coloring pages for kids – decorate with pleasure

Of all the coloring pages, for most children, the most favorite are the coloring of fruits and berries. First, the baby paints a familiar familiar object, which he previously not only saw, but also held in his hands or even ate. Secondly, it is easy and pleasant to color fruits and berries – the drawing consists of smooth lines, so it does not cause difficulties. Thirdly, almost all fruits and berries have bright, joyful colors – sunny yellow lemon, purple plum, burgundy cherry, emerald green gooseberries and an absolute record holder – an apple that can be red, yellow and green at the same time.

Coloring pages of berries and fruits – learning perseverance

Fruit coloring pages for children teach little fidgets to monotonous work. The visible end result helps to develop such a quality as accuracy – the baby is trying to follow the contour, because the extra color strokes behind the line spoil the drawing. Patience and perseverance – the baby sees that the half-painted fruit looks ugly, so he tries to finish the job. Develop imagination – the child sees a complete image on the page and tries to choose a color scheme for him.

Berry coloring pages for children improve the interaction of the cerebral hemispheres, teach to select colors and combine shades, introduce nature, train memory. And most importantly, coloring pictures, the child gets pleasure, becomes more balanced, charged with positive and good mood.

Fruit and berry coloring pages – what grows in my garden?

Many parents use fruit coloring pages for children when they want to introduce their child to the vitamin gifts of nature from the garden. While the kid painstakingly paints an apricot or a pear, tell us about the benefits of this fruit, how it grows when it ripens. Do not forget to repeat the name several times in order to use both visual and auditory memory at the same time.

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