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Unicorn coloring page

Perhaps the cutest and most devoted animal to man is the horse. But there are not many fairy tales about them. But there are various myths and legends about horses with one horn in their forehead – Unicorns and winged – Pegasus you will find them in our coloring pages.

Coloring unicorns is much more interesting than ordinary horses, because they are magical! To heal and help, save and protect – everything is subject to these unusual animals.

Unicorn coloring page is designed for quiet games with children from four years old. Kind blue eyes, a golden horn, a snow-white body and a bright mane are all standard color options for unicorns. But every kid is free to paint fairy tale characters in any colors.

Unicorn coloring page is a collection of drawings, each of which will meet the young artist with the most fantastic animal unicorn. Living in myths and legends, the unicorn looks like a horse with a long horn on its forehead. But the horn is not its only feature. Legends speak of the fabulous wisdom and power of unicorns, which, unfortunately, were not destined to survive to this day. This coloring is one of the unique opportunities not only to meet them, but also to come up with new images for these amazing animals that can influence the fate of people. By enthusiastically painting unicorns, kids and toddlers will be able to feel like a part of a fairy tale and even come up with their own legend about this animal.

The unicorn is a mythical fictional creature. He is usually depicted as a graceful horse with a horn that protrudes from his forehead. These beautiful animals can move across the sky using huge wings. The color of the wings can be white or iridescent. The unicorn acts as a symbol of chastity and purity. They are often portrayed in books, films, and cartoons as divine beings. And artists love to depict unicorns in paintings. From our site you can download or print unicorn antistress coloring pages for free.

A magical creature from legend

The unicorn is a very ancient fairytale character. The first mentions of it are found in India and date back to the 4th century BC. This mythical creature is found in the literature of ancient China, Russia, European and Islamic states. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, the unicorn was considered an absolutely real beast, which every lucky person can see.

According to legends, magicians and sorcerers rode a fabulously beautiful horse with one horn. Legends say that a proud animal has a very wayward character, which only a young girl can cope with. Coloring pages with unicorns will help your child feel like a real tamer of fairy creatures. Girls especially love these cute magical horses.

Today, researchers are sure that the famous mythical image was formed thanks to the Indian rhinoceros, as well as African antelopes, which often lose one of their horns during battles. Probably, such animals were once seen by travelers. Today in Europe there are roe deer, which, due to genetic characteristics, grow only one horn. The last time such an animal was found in the wild was in 2008.

Unicorns: who they are

Traditionally, a unicorn is believed to have white or cream-colored fur, golden mane, and blue eyes. But in modern fairy tales and cartoons, for example, “Friendship is a miracle” you can see characters of all kinds. Choosing coloring pages with unicorns, there is no need to limit your imagination to traditional ideas. After all, this is a fabulous creature – it can be of any color. Let your child personalize the magic horse by choosing the most unexpected shades.

Unicorn coloring pages are a great choice for parents who want to keep their child busy for a while. Working with such drawings develops fine motor skills, allows you to learn accuracy, instills a love of drawing. Many children willingly begin to redraw their favorite magic horses. Perhaps the kid will want to add his own details, completely fit his favorite character into the picture. The finished drawings will decorate the walls of the children’s room, and the most successful ones will become the real pride of the child.

How to play with unicorn coloring pages

The unicorn coloring pages presented on the site are created by professional artists in different styles. Here you will find magical horses with a lush mane and even wings. Here is a large selection of contour drawings for children of different ages. The simplest ones can be painted under the guidance of parents from the age of three. More complex ones will appeal to kids over six years old. This will be a great workout before going to art school or just a source of creative inspiration.

You can easily print your favorite coloring pages with unicorns directly from the site. To make your leisure time more interesting, you can come up with your own fairy tale with your child based on several drawings. Such a creative process will captivate the kid for a long time, help develop imagination and get the most out of coloring the picture. Such games are especially liked by children over five years old, who already speak well and have listened to a large number of fairy tales.

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