Coloring pages for girls

Hello Kitty coloring pages

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages – a collection of pictures about a funny snow-white cat, her life, pets and adventures. Sweet Kitty first appeared in Japan. Children loved the toy so much that they made an animated series about it. Kitty always wears bright bows on her left ear, loves dressing up, chatting with her family and traveling around the neighborhood. You don’t have to go to the store to play with Kitty. Print Hello Kitty coloring pages, and a real fairy tale will begin to come to life under the children’s pencils.

Hello Kitty on a Moped coloring page

Hello Kitty toys are not just adorable. Kitty White has many hobbies and can do a lot. She loves to ride a moped. Want to ride with her? Surely Kitty will agree to this if you paint her outfit with paints.

Hello Kittu face

Color in the face of one of the popular children’s toys, Kitty White. The picture is free to download and print, show your drawing to friends and family. Collect the entire Hello Kitty collection.

Kitty reading a book

The coloring page, where Kitty enjoys reading, will serve as a good example for children. Print some high-resolution pictures, color them with your children, and tell them about your favorite book as a child.

Kitty and birds

Snow-white Hello Kitty loves to watch and play with birds. They are not in the least afraid of the little cat. Take pencils or felt-tip pens and color the picture to participate in their fun.

Hello Kitty playing basketball

Kitty White likes to be in good shape. She plays basketball to keep fit. To prevent the cat from losing her team in the crowd of players, paint her outfit with bright colors.

Hello Kitty with flower

Kitty the cat found a beautiful flower on the way. He was bewitched. When Kitty plucked it, the flower petals lost their color. Can you help bring back all the beauty of the flower? Use gouache or watercolor when painting.

Hello Kitty with a toy

At home Kitty does not part with her favorite toy, sometimes she even takes it to class. Print or save the image to decorate Kitty’s first friend with watercolor pencils or felt-tip pens.

Kitty painting a picture

Hello Kitty cat learns to paint landscapes. Work with friends to color a sketch recently made by aspiring artist Kitty White with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Kitty in a hat

Kitty in a hat – coloring page for little girls. The kitty decided to walk under the scorching sun. You can’t do without a fashionable hat! Print the picture and color it with your friends or mom with watercolor pencils.

Kitty car ride

Kitty rides a toy car – coloring book for fans of a little kitty. Save, print the drawing in A4 format and enjoy communication with Kitty White while driving a leisurely car ride!

Hello Kitty is on the phone coloring page

Kitty is talking on the phone for younger girls coloring page. Kitty cat communicates with her friend. Do you dream to know what they are discussing? Print or save the image, grab some gouache, paint brushes and listen to Hello Kitty’s words.

Hello Kitty devil

Hello Kitty the Devil’s coloring page proves that the kitty has carefully prepared for Halloween. Don’t fail! Now it remains to paint her outfit in the brightest colors with paints or felt-tip pens.

Kitty under an umbrella

Kitty under an umbrella – coloring page for girls. Don’t you have such a toy yet? Print or save the image, paint it with gouache or felt-tip pens to add to your collection.

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