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Bratz coloring pages

Cute coloring pages based on the Bratz cartoon takes up all the girls’ free time, and everything else can be printed in standard A4 format.

The dolls depicted in black and white pictures overshadowed many years of interest in other cartoon characters overnight. Coloring images, the little ones learn to model, develop taste, with pleasure dilute boring outfits with bright colors and accessories. World famous Barbie dolls conquered the generation of little princesses, and free and temperamental Bratz attracted the older audience – girls 7 – 12 years old. And this is obvious. The busy life of Chloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin is bubbling with regular parties and meeting new friends. They dream of becoming adults as soon as possible and glorifying their name. These aspirations made them popular.

The Bratz doll is a welcome gift for any girl, because dolls do not take the last place in their life. A very important toy on which little girlfriends learn to take care of future children, dress them and comb their hair, and hold tea parties. They say that for girls, dolls are from the point of view of psychology a necessary toy. Fashionistas Bratz are even more popular than Barbies, because they are beautiful not with a cliche beauty, but with their characters of friendly and affable girls. Coloring pages of Bratz dolls will help in creating new unique images of these toys, will allow you to dress them and paint on any accessories that your daughters like. Pencils and felt-tip pens, watercolors and gouache, and in addition the original Bratz coloring pages printed from our website and your daughter can start an exciting lesson.

Coloring pages, like dolls and their characters, are not alike. By painting and giving the dolls a mood, the girls develop a sense of style, show their love for fashionable things. Black and white images seem to come to life in the hands of a child and turn into bright pictures with modern Bratz dolls. The popularity of such coloring pages is constantly growing and we know that in some schools, parents even arrange contests for the best Bratz coloring book, because there are a lot of them.

The magical story of Bratz

Of course, Bratz coloring pages came about thanks to the incredible rise in popularity of Bratz dolls. The story of dolls that captured the hearts of girls began in 2001. Four girlfriends, different externally and internally, appeared in stores and at first shocked with their unusual appearance for dolls. Parents were accustomed to seeing dolls as the ideal model appearance of toys, and Yasmin, Chloe, Sasha and Jade were not at all like them. However, literally in one year, Bratz with their numerous clothes, hairstyles and accessories filled all the shelves of children’s stores.

Soon there was a community of teenage girls who called themselves Real Bratz. So the girls united in the idea of ​​becoming like Bratz’s girlfriends, and not only in appearance, but also in character. Ordinary real girls are carried away by fashion trends, noisy and fun parties and sincere friendship. Unlike other pugs and standardized dolls, Bratz brought more life and variety to the doll game. Literally a year after the release of the first series, the toys won the American Choice of the Year award, then they bypassed all other dolls in sales. Now four or even five times a year a new series of Bratz girlfriends comes out, of whom there are no longer four, but about two hundred. New series take into account fashion trends, modern trends, moods and wishes of girls.

Bratz coloring pages and doll characters:

All little girls become adult girls, but at the age of 8-13 they want to grow up faster, go to parties, parties and communicate with numerous friends. Bratz dolls are the image of such girls who are fond of fashion and style. A genius of its own kind and a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of familiar dolls.

Bratz Coloring Pages takes into account the girls’ desire for a variety of outfits and accessories, so they help them to bring their fashion ideas to life. All the details of the coloring are thought out, like the dolls themselves, and therefore they attract the enchanted children’s eyes. Do not stop just painting pictures, add any details, fantasize and get creative!

Little girls dreaming of a career as a singer or actress will definitely not have any difficulty in dreaming a little and drawing all the attributes necessary for modern girls. Bringing the imagined image to life is a fun game, and perky pictures of Bratz dolls with big eyes and lips will help you with this.

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