Coloring pages for girls

Barbie coloring pages

Barbie Coloring Pages is a collection of drawings about the most popular doll on the planet. All girls dream of owning a Barbie. Not everyone can collect the entire collection of dolls: there are a lot of Barbie dolls, and new toys are released every year. Barbie also has a lot of pets, she is dating Ken, and any fashionista will envy the amount of her accessories! You don’t need to buy a new Barbie doll to make friends with. Print her image, paint with pencils – and now your collection has already been replenished with a new doll!

Barbie dreams of getting to a social event in a chic evening dress! Create an incredible outfit for your doll with paints or gouache. It remains only to download or print the picture and color it.

What do we know about Barbie?

The Barbie doll was originally intended for girls from 3 to 13 years old, although nowadays adults often collect entire collections of Barbie and her accessories, the choice of which is simply huge, from clothes to houses, yachts, expensive cars. Two years after its creation, the author Barbie released Ken’s boyfriend, several girlfriends for the doll, whose number is growing every year.

Barbie coloring pages are unique not only because they are all stunningly beautiful, but also because of the impact they have on girls.

Barbie coloring pages for girls: pros and cons

For coloring Barbie we choose pencils. You will need a huge set of different colors, because you have to paint over many details in the doll’s outfit.

If you have a daughter, for sure, your attitude towards Barbie has already been formed and most likely it is very contradictory. The thing is that she has a lot of supporters and opponents, so before you paint a coloring book or buy a Barbie in a store, you must decide whether you are for or against. You know, the debate on this issue does not stop. Let’s dot the I.

History shows that from the very birth of Barbie, the parents were divided into two camps. The first ones believe that their daughter’s girlfriend with long legs and a pretty face is a good example for a growing child, you can always say that if you don’t eat a lot of sweets, you will become the same beauty. The second camp of parents considers Barbie to be an American loose girl, the embodiment of sin. We learned a lot of parents’ opinions and realized that it would not be possible to put an end to the disputes, because it all depends on which method of education you have chosen. So, who will the daughter grow up to?

To help you decide whether to download and color Barbie coloring pages, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of dolls, according to parents:


  • Barbie embodies beauty, albeit in an exaggerated form, but still it is beauty
  • Barbie teaches the girl to style and creates the desire to follow fashion, setting the basics of female attractiveness
  • The aesthetic beauty of a doll is better than playing with dolls that have huge cheeks and thick legs.


  • Body proportions are not observed and striving for them is extremely harmful for little girls
  • Barbie teaches only that you can change things every five minutes, because it would not occur to her to feed or swaddle
  • Barbie symbolizes priority of consumption
  • The toy does not look like a child’s, it is too old

Dear parents, the choice is yours. Remember only that Barbie is just a doll, and beautiful Barbie coloring pages for girls will definitely appeal to your child.

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