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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coloring pages

One of the most popular coloring themes for boys is the Ninja Turtles coloring pages, images can be printed from the collection presented on the website in A4 format.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coloring Pages is a meeting with Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, April O’Neill, Splinter, Shredder.

Master Splinter in the Manhattan sewers of the New York city teaches four friends of the turtles in the art of ninja, and they, in turn, use the skill that Sensei taught them to fight the evil that swarms on the streets of their beloved city.

Originally, teenage mutant ninja turtles were depicted in black and white, but a little later, each of them had a bandage color. Raphael wore a red bandana, Donatello a purple one, Michelangelo an orange one, and Leonardo a blue one. These colors, together with green for skin color, are enough to turn a Ninja Turtle coloring into a vivid picture. The best choices are paints for the whole image and felt-tip pens for coloring the bandages. You won’t need pencils.

By tradition, let us remember interesting facts and characters of the heroes for the most successful result after coloring.

Leonardo Coloring pages:

The fearless and determined leader of the turtles, always and everywhere follows the rules of honor. Its color is blue, and its weapon is a ninja-toe sword. He is close to the samurai code of conduct – bushido, which presupposes compliance with the rules of a true warrior. Calm in character, but adamant in decisions, he is close to the teacher Splinter, which is why he feels jealous from Raphael.

Raphael Coloring pages:

An unusual sense of humor and a passion for philosophy are the main features of Raphael the Turtle. When painting Raphael, we use red for the mask, in his hands we see weapons – sai daggers, less often chains. Raphael is considered the second most important hero after Leonardo, although he is also the most out of control.

Michelangelo Coloring pages:

The kind and simple merry fellow Michelangelo wears an orange bandana and wields nunchucks (two short sticks connected with a rope or chain). He considers himself a champion, so he doesn’t really like to train. Mikey is friends with Donatello and treats him like a brother.

Donatello Coloring pages:

It’s just that Donatello’s genius strives to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way, although he knows the wooden pole perfectly. Its color is purple. Trouble-free with a subtle sense of humor, this turtle will always help in difficult times, but also will not miss the opportunity to show off his knowledge in reproach to friends.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coloring pages are adored by boys, because four hero friends are a symbol of strong male friendship and courage.

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