Cartoon coloring pages

The Incredibles coloring pages

The Incredibles coloring pages present an unusual married couple with three children from the 2004 cartoon. They differ from all by the presence of superpowers. They have to hide their gift after a group of disgruntled residents saved by their father sue him.

An official ban has been imposed on rescue activities, with which the head of the house has not come to terms for 15 years. The everyday life of an insurance agent is not to his liking and he finds a way to return to his heroic past in secret from loved ones. A wife with older offspring rushes to the rescue of her beloved husband, once nicknamed Mr. Exceptional, after learning that he has fallen into a trap. The Incredibles will appeal to all the kids, if you watched the cartoon, you can easily repeat the original image in the coloring or come up with your own version.

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