Cartoon coloring pages

Star vs. the Forces of Evil coloring pages

Bold and active animated characters on the basis of which the coloring pages “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” was created, you can print the images in A4 format.

The plot of the whole story is not that complicated. The princess living in the magical dimension of Mewni, Star Butterfly, on her 14th birthday, inherits a magic wand. Since this all started. The character of Star is very unbridled, and there is generally not enough knowledge. And, despite the fact that she still does not know how to control a wand, she begins her fight with monsters. But upon arriving on Earth, she found a friend here, Marco Diaz. The drawings are dominated by dynamics, they are interesting for the opportunity to study the movement of a particular character. Grotesque facial expressions give the pictures a humorous coloring, develop the ability of younger students to observe facial expressions and understand them. You can color the drawings with watercolors and pencils, and if necessary, highlight the main details with a gel pen.

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