Cartoon coloring pages

Rapunzel coloring pages

Rapunzel Coloring Pages – children’s pictures for coloring with the longest-haired princess of Disney cartoons. Rapunzel was kidnapped in infancy by an evil sorceress and lived for a long time in a high tower. The reason for her abduction was the girl’s extraordinary hair. When combing them, the witch regained her youth, but one day Rapunzel still went in search of her parents. On the way, she made new friends, and in her own castle not only her parents were waiting for her, but also many adventures. Join the adventures of a cheerful princess – paint Rapunzel and her friends with pencils, paints or felt-tip pens.

Jolly Princess Rapunzel is a coloring page featuring a princess swinging in her own hair. To join the fun of your favorite heroine, paint Rapunzel’s outfit and hair with pencils or paints.

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