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Mulan coloring pages – This category of pictures contains various images of the main character of the Disney cartoon. The action takes place in China, which is at war with the nomads. By decree of the Emperor, at least one man must go from each house to protect the country. Our heroine cannot let go of her old father and, disguised as a soldier, goes to meet danger. The spirits of ancestors decide not to leave the girl unattended and send the dragon Mushu to protect the brave beauty.

The coloring book pages about the adventures of the beautiful Mulan will appeal to girls and boys, for all children there is an interesting plot that they can paint on their own or with the help of adults.

This unforgettable cartoon will tell you an amazing story about the brave girl Mulan, who lived in ancient China in the distant past. For the great people hard times came: the warlike tribe of the Huns attacked the country. Dressed in men’s clothes, Mulan joins other warriors and sets off on a dangerous trek to the foot of the snow-capped mountains. She is accompanied by a funny dragon Mushu, who looks more like a small dog than a mythical monster. Trying to hide the secret, they find themselves in funny situations and do not suspect that their secret is about to be revealed!

The legend continues … In the colorful world of Disney Mulan coloring pages, old friends are never forgotten! The most famous cartoon studio on the planet is pleased to invite you on a new exciting journey with the heroes you already know – the brave Chinese warrior Mulan and her loyal friend Li Shan. This time, they, the brave conquerors of the Mongol hordes, face the most important mission in their lives. It’s … a wedding! But before Mulan and Li Shan get married, they must also take care of the happiness of others, delivering three Chinese princesses to their suitors. Easy task? Not really if the most frivolous dragon in the world, Mushu, “helps” you, and the insidious Mongols are already starting new intrigues! ..

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54 Free Printable Mulan animated tale coloring pages

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