Cartoon coloring pages

Moana coloring pages

Who has already seen, or just wants to watch the Disney cartoon about a Polynesian princess, Moana coloring pages will tell you more about the main characters, you can print high-quality images here on the website in A4 format.

Moana is Hawaiian for sea or ocean. The little princess wants to go on a long sea voyage and now her dream comes true. Together with the demigod Mau, whom she finds on one of the islands, she will travel overseas and fight the demon Te Ka. Drawings with brave and cheerful friends of Moana, with green islands and warm sea, will appeal to everyone. Not only girls, but also boys will be happy to color the giant Maui, the wise grandmother Talu, the pig Pua. The good princess has enemies, which can also be made bright and recognizable. Drawings should be painted with bright colors or felt-tip pens that can convey the color scheme of the blue South Sea, warm sun and green palm trees.

What is useful in such an activity as coloring pictures

Coloring a drawn plot from a favorite cartoon or from a completely unfamiliar film, the child receives a lot of useful information about the shape, color palette of many objects from the coloring book. This lesson helps him learn to concentrate, develop artistic taste, observation and perseverance. The kid, learning about the world, transfers his impressions to paper, broadens his horizons, learns to empathize with cartoon characters.

Moana coloring pages – an opportunity to keep company with the restless little dreamer

Fascinating Moana coloring pages to print today will not be difficult. And your child will be incredibly happy to meet the legendary princess Moana, eager to learn the history of her ancient ancestors. To this end, she sets out on a journey enveloped in mythical events and characters.

During the journey, Moana meets on his way Maui – a demigod, with whom they cross the ocean, inhabited by fiery inhabitants of colossal size. The young heroine is only fourteen years old, but she shows outstanding qualities – fortitude, enterprise, courage and compassion. Your child willy-nilly will begin to adopt them, coloring the plots from this cartoon.

Residents of the village where Moana grew up are forbidden to go beyond the reef. But the brave girl is attracted by the ocean and she sets off on a small ship along its high waves in search of answers to her many questions. Plus, her compatriots are in trouble – a terrible, mystical darkness is approaching the village.

The charismatic and best friend – Maui will help the princess to cope with this difficult task. He works wonders with his magic fish hook. Moana and Maui together will achieve their goal and save the village.

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