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Miraculous LadyBug and Cat Noir Coloring Pages

LadyBug and Cat Noir Coloring pages, which are easy to print in A4 format, will be interesting for children interested in superheroes who save the city again and again. LadyBug and Cat Noir are two young characters who are always protecting Paris from super villains. Who are our superheroes in life?

These are ordinary tenth grade students – Marinette Dupin Chen and Adrien Agreste. They acquired superpowers from kwami, a creature that gives superpowers to the owner of his talisman, who becomes their owner. An interesting fact: LadyBug does not know who her partner is in ordinary life, and Cat Noir does not assume that Marinette, with whom he is in love in reality , in the fantasy world accompanies him everywhere. This secret torments them all the time. It turns out that they are in love with each other, but do not know about it. And then who are the supervillains? The main villain is Hawk Moth. He bestowed superpowers from the kwamis as well, but uses them in order to gain unlimited power. To do this, he will need the talismans of the main characters: earrings and a ring. To get them, he will use his superpower – to turn offended, evil inhabitants of Paris into supervillains by sending enchanted moths to them – Akum. While LadyBug and Cat Noir have never lost thanks to experience, well-coordinated work and, of course, friends. But will their triumph last forever? The answer can be found by coloring the pictures.

Paris, love and readiness to save the world – such are they, LadyBug and Cat Noir. Now favorite characters have moved to the coloring pages. Superheroes from the popular TV series will come to life before your eyes. You just need to add colors. Marinette and Adrian, who are in love with each other, are so nice to paint! Coloring pages of LadyBug and Cat Noir reflect different adventures of a brave couple. The heroes quarrel, are fascinated by each other and, of course, save the planet.

The coloring pages show both the everyday and the heroic part of the life of the main characters. Marinette leads an ordinary teenage life: she is interested in the latest in the fashion industry, dresses stylishly and attends discos. But her nocturnal adventures are no less interesting.

When Paris is shrouded in darkness, the young lady is transformed into LadyBug. She is in a hurry to fight the villains and protect civilians. She is accompanied by Cat Noir. Superheroes wear masks and it is difficult to guess what is behind them. Marinette does not recognize her partner in ordinary life. This is Adrian, with whom she hesitates even to speak. Coloring pages of LadyBug and Cat Noir will tell about bright school moments and fun night adventures.

Animation from French, Koreans and Japanese on coloring pages

Specialists from three countries worked on the creation of the cartoon. The French gave the series their charm. The Japanese focused on adventure and love affairs. Koreans have put in depth to the narrative. The animation turned out to be bright and colorful. The cartoon was first shown in Korea in 2015.

The difference between the story is that it unfolds in France. Superheroes usually “live” in America. According to the authors’ intention, Hauka Mot, the main villain, is engaged in criminal activities in Paris. He rubs his hands in anticipation that he is about to subjugate Paris and enslave its inhabitants.

But the main characters are not going to watch the attack of the infected butterflies – they are ready to stop it. As soon as the city is in danger, both characters rush into battle. Many dangers await the heroes, but romantic scenes are not excluded. Therefore, coloring LadyBug and Cat Noir also include these moments. Marinette has no idea that Cat Noir is her classmate and rejects the boy’s advances. In turn, Adrian is fascinated by his partner. However, Marinette does not notice the quiet man.

Marinette is not from a timid dozen – she will deal with any villain! But this is how it turns out when she turns into a superhero. Earrings-talismans help her. In ordinary life, the girl is modest and shy, it seems awkward. Especially if the nearby object of her adoration is Adrian. She treats Cat Noir differently – she considers him a reliable ally and in every possible way rejects his flirting.

Cat Noir has the power of destruction. When he transforms into a superhero, his character changes. The guy becomes more confident in himself. He is cocky and constantly flirts with his partner. Adrian really wants to know who is hiding behind the mask of his beloved.

Having decided to print the LadyBug and Cat Noir coloring pages, you can dive into the world of LadyBug and Cat Noir. If you are not yet familiar with these characters, you can understand the essence of the cartoon from the dynamic pictures. And, of course, Paris adds charm to each episode. The romantic city is filled with different secrets.

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