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Jungle Book coloring pages

Jungle Book coloring pages is a collection of illustrations with the main characters and a unique storyline. Mowgli and the inhabitants of the Indian jungle are the characters of the famous English writer Rudyard Kipling. Coloring the main characters of the Jungle Book, children will remember their unique character traits, learn to paint complex and small details, be able to relax and enjoy the creative process. Download coloring pages from the cartoon The Jungle Book, choose your favorite characters and experiment with colors!

Mowgli’s coloring is based on The Jungle Book by R. Kipling. You can restore the plot by coloring page by page, starting with the appearance of the “Frog” among the animals. For the orphan, there were not only caring wolf parents who accepted him into their flock, but also educators who taught him to live according to the laws of the jungle.

Mowgli’s coloring pages illustrates the kind of friendship and loyalty possible between a human cub and his animal family. Cheerful Baloo, graceful Bagheera, wise Ka unite to help Mowgli in his confrontation with the treacherous Shere Khan. Painting the fascinating adventures of a little savage, the young artist himself becomes a participant in the events.

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