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Gravity Falls coloring pages

Mysterious and enigmatic Gravity Falls is not a series for calm home children. Mind-blowing quests, sparkling humor and many, many monsters – the plot captures even adults. You can print or download coloring pages of Gravity Falls heroes on this page. Age limit 6+.

12-year-old most ordinary children Dipper and Mabel come to visit their uncle at first glance in a remote village.

Uncle Stan is a very, very colorful character. He seems to be kind and smart, but at the same time greedy to the point of horror. In general, each hero of the series is multifaceted. At one point, it seems that you figured out his character, but that was not the case. A complex inner world defies guessing, how who will behave in various situations is impossible to predict.

The series Gravity Falls is a world of such mysteries and horrors that are difficult to imagine. The creators really did their best, thought through everything to the last detail, so unexpected turns of events and confusing relationships of the characters are always waiting for you.

From the very moment one of the twins finds the diary of the secrets of a small town, their life changes. Together with them, you will have to unravel the most complex ciphers, find out interesting secrets and guess who wrote this diary.

Why are Gravity Falls coloring pages interesting? Why is every Gravity Falls coloring page so popular? Everything is very simple! It is easy to color characters, they are clearly traced, while, unlike many other coloring pages, the pictures leave a huge scope for imagination. You can print or download any of the coloring page for free.

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