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Frozen coloring pages

Frozen coloring pages – a collection of black and white images of the inhabitants of the fabulous Arendelle. Color the rulers of the country, the parents of Elsa and Anna, with paints or gouache. Or maybe you prefer Christoph, Olaf, Sven, Hans, Anna’s Adventures or Elsa’s Ice Palace? All this is in our collection of images. Print or save pictures, color any plot from the cartoon Frozen, and create your own stories about your favorite characters.

Elsa frozen
Elsa frozen

Elsa Frozen is a coloring page that will remind girls and boys of their favorite cartoon. The princess invites each of you to visit her. Grab brushes and paints and plunge into the magic of the Disney world.

Anna, Elsa's sister
Anna, Elsa’s sister

Anna, Elsa’s sister – coloring with the younger princess from the ice kingdom. Cheerful and responsive Anna perfectly complements Elsa. Color her portrait if you feel the same way.

Kristoff Frozen

Coloring page Kristoff Pondering represents the beloved of Princess Anne in a difficult situation. Support Kristoff and paint him with a warm palette of colors to make it easier for him to decide on the important step.

Anna and Olaf coloring page
Anna and Olaf

Anna and Olaf coloring page represents two friends who are always ready for adventure. Do you dream to play with them? You will befriend them in a few minutes while you paint them with paints or crayons.

Anna begs Elsa

Coloring page Anna begs Elsa – a plot that is well known to fans of the cartoon. Elsa is often afraid of doing something wrong. If not for Anna’s persistence, the kingdom of the two sisters would be completely boring. Print the picture and color it with pencils with the children.

Kristoff, Olaf and Sven

Kristoff, Olaf and Sven’s coloring page features interesting characters from the cartoon “Frozen”. Funny but sincere, they always rush to help their friends. Color these guys in gouache so that Anna has someone to rely on in her next adventures.

Elsa and Anna ice skating

Elsa and Anna Ice Skating coloring page shows how the sisters value communication with each other. To make the princesses even more fun to skate on the ice, paint them with felt-tip pens or gouache.

Anna hugs Elsa

Anna hugs Elsa – a coloring page that reflects all the love of the sisters. Do you want your children to live together? Print out a portrait of two princesses and color it with the children with pencils.

Anna in the winter forest

Coloring Anna in the winter forest will fill the gap between outdoor games for children who are no less keen on coloring. Paints, gouache or felt-tip pens, a little patience – and the plot with your beloved heroine pleases with new overflows of colors!

Anna, Elsa and Olaf coloring page

Elsa and Anna are ice skating – coloring page for mobile children. If your children are passionate about sports or a cartoon about two princesses, invite them to color their winter fun with helium pens or paints.

Sisters, Sven and Olaf

Sisters, Sven and Olaf coloring page will delight fans of the cartoon “Frozen” with an almost complete collection of the main characters in one place. Join their company! How? Start painting them with paints and they will tell dozens of stories about their adventures.

Anna, Elsa and her magic

Coloring page Anna, Elsa and her magic for girls in excellent quality. Print or save the drawing and color the portraits of these Disney princesses with gouache or watercolor pencils.

Anna and Kristoff hugging

Coloring page Anna and Christophe hugging – a touching moment from the cartoon. Do you like the history of this couple’s relationship? Print, color in the image and the fairy tale comes to life under your pencil or brush.

Elsa’s coronation

Elsa’s Coronation coloring page must be in the collection of drawings of a fan of the Disney story “Frozen”. Gouache or watercolor will complement the image in the best way.

Elsa escapes from the ice city

Elsa escapes from the ice city – a coloring that will touch the heart of every person. A rejected and lonely princess runs to meet her destiny. What it will become depends partly on you. How bright are you willing to make her way with the brush?

Elsa building an ice palace

Elsa building an ice palace coloring page instills pride in the princess and hope for her happiness. Take part in the construction of a new castle! Print the picture and color it in with pens or felt-tip pens.

Anna admires the palace

Anna admires the palace – a coloring page that represents the taste of Elsa’s little sister. Remember what Elsa’s new palace was like? Test yourself with brushes and paints now!

Anna is offended by Kristoff

Anna was offended by Christophe – a coloring that reveals to everyone the secrets of this couple’s relationship. If you want to know how this quarrel will end, paint the lovers with gouache or pencils and find out if Christophe will yield to Anna in an argument.

Anna and Kristoff on a sleigh

Anna and Christophe on a sleigh – a coloring page with a dynamic storyline. If you are interested in participating in exciting adventures, print and color this picture with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Anna climbs the rock

Coloring page Anna climbs on a rock – an interesting moment from the cartoon. Would you like to become a witness and almost the creator of this entertaining scene? Take paints or pencils!

An ice charge hit Anna

An ice charge hit Anna – a coloring with a touching plot. If you add warm touches of paint to this drawing, the fate of Anna and her sister will receive hope for the continuation of their story. Color this plot with paints or pencils.

Anna and Kristoff escape

Anna and Kristoff escape – a coloring page that begins a story of amazing events in the life of this couple. Choose this drawing to color in if you want to add a little adventure to your life.

Troll – Kristoff’s friend

Coloring Troll – Christoph’s friend indicates how different friendship and life itself are. Would you like to demonstrate this to your children? Print this image for them and offer to color it with pens, quill, or felt-tip pens.

Anna frozen

Anna Frozen – a coloring that shows the power of Elsa’s cold and magic. Help the princess keep warm! Add sunburst and warm colors to the drawing with paints or pastels.

Anna protects Elsa

Anna protects Elsa – a coloring page, which reflects all the love of a younger sister for an older one. Anna trusts her beloved sister and is ready to vouch for her even in what Elsa herself does not yet know how to manage. Color this plot with paints or pencils.

Elsa and her sister Anna

Elsa and her sister Anna showcases the heroines of the Disney cartoon in all their glory. Where have all the colors gone? Can you help fix the situation with pencils or gouache?

The King and Queen of Arendelle

Coloring page The King and Queen of Arendelle presents a picture of Anna and Elsa’s parents. The princesses grew up and became as beautiful and determined as their father and mother. Color the family portrait with paints or pencils.

Young Elsa

Young Elsa coloring page shows how princesses suffered from deep loneliness as a child. Elsa was frightened by her extraordinary gift. She avoided people, and Anna dreamed of just playing with her older sister.

Hans and Anna

Hans and Anna coloring page in excellent quality. The youngest princess Arendelle did not immediately find her happiness. At first she was carried away by Hans. The prince has long concealed his true face and desire to seize power.

Elsa is unhappy with Anna

Elsa is unhappy with Anna – a coloring page with a plot where the princesses figure out again which of them should yield. Color the sisters and the environment around them in a rainbow color palette so that they quickly make up.

Elsa in the ice palace

Coloring page Elsa in the ice palace shows a happy princess. Elsa believes that only in this harsh land can she not restrain her magic and not be afraid of the consequences of her gift.

Anna riding a horse

Anna riding a horse – a coloring page with a dynamic image. The tireless princess rushes to help her sister. Create a memorable landscape around Anna with paints so that she doesn’t get lost on the way back.

Anna meet Kristoff

Anna meets Christophe – a coloring page where the youngest princess Arendelle finds her destiny and does not even know about it. But Anna and Christophe just dropped by the same shop!

Kristoff helps Anna

Kristoff helps Anna – coloring page with episode from the cartoon “Frozen” in excellent quality. Save and color it if you like this restless couple and their love story.

Anna and Pubbie

Anna and Troll Pabbie share the latest news. The misfortune that fell on Anna touches King Pabbie, and he really wants to help the princess. Color your new friends with bright colors and help them forget about all their sorrows!

Anna and Hans

Anna and Hans met again. How has Hans changed during this time? His brutality became apparent. Hans wants to take over the throne of Arundel and observes the suffering of others indifferently. Color this picture if you want to support Anna.

Hans cought Elsa

Hans Caught Elsa – excellent quality coloring page for Frozen fans. It seems that the prince of the South Isles will stop at nothing to gain control of the kingdom. Do you know how Elsa dodges Hans’ arrow?

Elsa hugs Anna

Elsa hugs Anna – coloring page where sisters hug each other. They finally realized that together they can overcome any difficulties. Print out a portrait of the princesses and paint with paints or pencils.

Anna hit Hans

Hans got it from Anna – a coloring that shows what the youngest Princess Arandela is capable of, if it is necessary to defend the family and the kingdom. Without this picture, your collection of drawings about cartoon FROZEN will not be complete!

Olaf plays with a bee

Olaf plays with a bee – a coloring page with a tireless snowman from Disney’s cartoon “Frozen”. If you like a character who cannot imagine his life without adventure, paint him with paints or felt-tip pens.

Elsa and Anna Frozen coloring page

Elsa and Anna’s portrait – coloring page with two daughters from the royal dynasty of Arendelle. They were able to prove that love and faith in each other is the best that their parents could leave them. Color Anna and Elsa with pencils!

Anna and Elsa together again

The coloring, where Anna and Elsa are together again, will make even adult fans of the Disney cartoon tremble. Print this image and color it with the children after watching the touching story of two early orphan sisters.

Elsa’s magic

Elsa Revealing Magic coloring page – an episode from the cartoon “Frozen”, where Queen Arendelle stopped being ashamed of her unique talent thanks to her sister. Color Elsa and her magical abilities with pencils or paints.

Anna plays with a snowflake

Anna plays with a snowflake – a coloring page with Elsa’s younger sister, who was able to appreciate her extraordinary gift and make Elsa believe in herself again. Color the naughty Anna with paints or crayons for a lot of fun.

Olaf rejoices in the snow

Olaf Rejoices in Snow – Frozen Snowman coloring page who is fascinated by the snow. While he is busy observing the clouds and catching snowflakes, paint him with gouache or felt-tip pens.

Elsa makes a snowflake

Elsa made a snowflake – coloring with another amazing skill of Queen of Arendelle. She not only wisely rules the country, protects the inhabitants, but also creates beauty around them with her own strength. Color Elsa with pencils or paints.

Sven and Olaf

Coloring Sven and Olaf – the image of two cartoon characters, without which the plot of the fairy tale would never be so exciting! Color the snowman and deer while they fool around with each other, with felt-tip pens or pencils.

Sisters holding hands

The coloring page, where sisters holding hands, will touch any fan of the cartoon “Frozen”. Print or save this plot to color with your friends.

Olaf admires Elsa

Olaf admires Elsa – a coloring page with the future queen’s first creation after escaping from the palace. The snowman is sure that there is no one in the world more beautiful than Elsa. Color these heroes of the fairy tale if you feel the same way.

Elsa Frozen coloring page

Elsa and Magic – coloring with the moment when future Queen of Arendelle stopped being ashamed of her gift. See how beautiful Elsa draws with ice and snowflakes! Join the magic and add color to the plot – paint Elsa bright colors!

Olaf and flower

Olaf and the Flower coloring page is one of the most recognizable plots of the Frozen cartoon. If you like it too, color it with crayons or paints with your friends.

Wacky Anna

Freaky Anna coloring page – black and white picture of the younger sister of Queen of Arendelle. Anna will never miss a chance to have fun. Take brushes, paints and join the cheerful princess!

Elsa gives Anna a snowflake

Elsa gives Anna a snowflake – a coloring page with a touching moment from the life of the young Queen Arendelle and her sister. So Elsa shows how she appreciates the fact that Anna did not leave her at a difficult moment and believed in Elsa, even when everyone turned away from her. Color in the two sisters with felt-tip pens or pencils.

Anna and Elsa coloring page

Anna and Elsa coloring page is a portrait of two crowned sisters of Arendelle, who found mutual understanding with each other. Print this image when you feel like hanging out with your sisters for a bit, and invite them to color the princesses together.

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