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Enchantimals coloring pages

Enchantimals are pretty girlfriends with unusual animal faces. Each girl has her own pet, which is similar to her mistress. Felicity and Flick are curious foxes, Bree and Twist are inventive bunnies, and Patter and her peacock Flap have wonderful vocal abilities. They all live in a magical world where love, friendship and mutual help reign.

Have you ever been to Everwild? If not, you need to fix it urgently! Rather, take colored pencils, markers and pens and go to the fairy forest to visit your magical girlfriends!

Download and print 11 free Enchantimals coloring pages

A large collection of outline drawings allows you to choose your favorite heroines and their totem pets to paint with all the colors of the rainbow! The coloring pages are made by professional artists, so they fully correspond to the design of the original dolls.

The main sorceresses and their assistants

On the pages of our coloring pages Enchantimals you will find all the main characters of the puppet series and many other characters.

Bree is a fun-loving couple who are constantly doing funny things. Bree with pink hair and cute bunny ears has a keen ear, jumps beautifully – just like her snow-white ward rabbit Twist.

Felicity is a brown-haired woman with green eyes and a playful ginger tail that is impossible to outwit. You can only meet her when accompanied by a faithful chanterelle.

Sage – has a great sense of humor. How else, if your mascot is a funny skunk? Girls love this sorceress for her stylish hairstyle with black and white strands.

Patterina is an unusually bright and extravagant character. She loves to sing and does not miss the opportunity to show off luxurious attire. Her best friend is a peacock with purple curls.

Also, Enchantimals coloring pages include many other magical characters. By printing out coloring pages from our site, you can compose your own album of your favorite princesses and meet previously unknown heroines.

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