Cartoon coloring pages

Deadpool coloring pages

This hero of comics and films is not like the others, you can get to know him better with the Deadpool coloring pages, which can be printed in A4 format.

Wade Wilson, a former special forces officer, is diagnosed with a fatal illness. He has little to live. The recruiters include Wade in a secret experimental program, promising a cure during the tests. But that the real purpose of the organization is to sell people who have received superpowers, Deadpool will understand later. Disfigured, but not broken, the hero begins to fight enemies. He makes a suit himself and chooses a red color for him so that no one will notice his wounds or blood. The images in the pictures will help in the initial study of human movements, show the location of the arms, torso, the correct position of the legs for a particular pose. It is best to paint with felt-tip pens or bright pencils.

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