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Bolt Coloring pages

Coloring pages from the cartoon Bolt (2008). The main concept of the Disney film is to convey to the audience the special nature of the relationship between the girl-actress and her loyal dog.

A white dog named Bolt was born in a kennel, from where he was taken by the girl Penny – the new owner. They both act in films where Penny is in danger. In this regard, the girl’s father endows the dog with superpowers. New features will help Bolt protect his mistress. While filming a blockbuster, Bolt does not even suspect that he is the hero of a popular TV series. This is exactly what the directing team needs. They want the dog to believe that he is saving Penny from mortal danger. But one day he happens to be in the real world – alone, in another city. Armed only with his illusions and accompanied by a cat and a hamster, he sets off in search of his mistress Penny …

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