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Rooster coloring pages – a collection of pictures with a familiar inhabitant of a rural backyard. The rooster was domesticated three thousand years BC as a sacred animal. He woke people up at the beginning of a new day, with his singing he foreshadowed the morning, the appearance of the solar disk and light. Isn’t that why the cockerel in legends and fairy tales scares away unclean forces with his voice, and his courage can scare away even predators? Print and paint the image of a rooster with paints or felt-tip pens in bright colors.

Rooster Coloring page for kids over three years old will introduce little artists to one of the brightest representatives of the family of domestic birds. A large comb and a bright tail have become a symbol of home comfort and well-being. You can also meet the hero of this coloring in a number of folk tales, in which he traditionally takes care of the weak. The most famous of them is the Golden Cockerel and a meeting with him is offered to boys and girls by coloring the Golden Cockerel. Having brought the cockerels to life with the help of paints and pencils, your little one can tell a fairy tale already known to him or come up with his own story about the Cockerel.

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Rooster Coloring pages for children to print

The rooster coloring page is dedicated to the brightest inhabitant of farms and folk tales. In creativity, a brave and fearless rooster always comes to the aid of the weak. In rural areas, colorful poultry acts as a live alarm clock – the sunrise is accompanied by sonorous singing. The rooster is the protector of all inhabitants of the poultry yard, he warns the hens about the danger, gives them the most delicious grains. The main character of the coloring rooster is a ground bird, but he can easily fly several meters. In addition, the rooster has long been a symbol of well-being. Incredible plumage, sharp beak, luxurious scarlet crest: the kid will love experiments with juicy shades.

Coloring Pages Birds are delightfully beautiful creatures with rich plumage and an equally rich palette of colors. You just need to imagine in what clothes the important peacock will be, and what colors the hummingbird will get – and transfer your thoughts to the bird coloring pages. Each bird species is incredibly unique and amazingly beautiful. Wild or domestic, from the rainforest or the inhabitants of Antarctica, majestic, important or childishly cute – everyone is destined to become even more beautiful. It remains only to acquire an art kit and start an exciting activity on coloring birds.

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