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Panda coloring pages

Panda coloring pages – positive sketches of black and white bamboo bears.

The body of carefree Asian bears is covered with thick fur, the amusing creatures have a bizarre appearance. Fat clumsy mammals feed all day long, hold food with two paws. Excellent climbers hide from danger, rest, spread out on branches. The main diet of omnivorous predators is bamboo leaves and shoots. Interesting, unusual animals with black spots near their eyes have become real symbols, national treasures of China. Complex and simple beautiful coloring pages with cute pandas will delight children from 2 to 13, inclined to imagination and improvisation.

Panda Coloring Pages will introduce you to the cutest bear known as the bamboo bear. Outwardly, the panda resembles a raccoon, the same black and white and cute. The saddest thing in the history of the panda is that it has long been included in the list of endangered species. Pandas are especially zealously guarded in China, because these animals are the unofficial symbol of this country. For her murder, the death penalty is provided here. Like all other members of the bear family, the panda is considered a predator, but in fact it feeds on bamboo leaves. And since there are no problems with bamboo groves in China, the panda does not need any other food.

One of the cutest and most amazing animals on the planet is panda. This funny creature, distinguished by its bearish clumsiness, attracts special attention not only from children, but also from the adult category of people. In total, there are two types of these animals in the world. We will find out where the beautiful fluffy panda lives, on which continent, as well as a lot of interesting and mysterious things about her.

Interesting facts about the panda

  • In Chinese, panda sounds like “shunmao”, which translates as “bear-cat”.
  • For a long time it was believed that the giant panda belongs to the raccoon family.
  • The giant panda is in the bear family, and the lesser panda is in the panda family.
  • Pandas have a sixth toe for conveniently breaking bamboo.
  • Pandas are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the cutest animals on Earth.
  • In the first days after birth, giant pandas are completely white.
  • The Internet browser Mozilla Firefox is closely related to the little panda. After all, Firefox is the red panda.
  • Panda is a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund.
  • It is still not known exactly why the pandas have such a color.
  • Hunting pandas is prohibited by Chinese law and is punishable by death.
  • When caring for panda cubs, zoo workers dress up in special costumes in the form of pandas. This is done so that the kids are comfortable and not scared.

Pandas are found mainly in Asia, east of the Himalayan mountains. At the same time, small pandas are much more common than large ones. Animals are extremely rare, the population of giant pandas is limited to the provinces of China: Gansu, Sichuan and Shanxi, which are located in the center of the country. The habitat covers about 29.5 thousand km2, but only a small part can be considered the habitat of pandas.

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