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Moose coloring pages

Moose Coloring pages is a collection of pictures for kids with the closest relatives of deer. This animal swims well, runs fast, defends itself from predators with horns and front pointed hooves. In the mating season, the male does not tolerate anyone’s invasion of his territory. The body weight of a moose can exceed 1100 pounds, and its antlers can weigh 66 pounds. In winter, it feeds on young branches, in the warm season – on vegetation of reservoirs and swamps. Print or save moose coloring pages and color with your parents.

Moose coloring page introduces kids to the largest representative of the deer family. These artiodactyls live in the forests of the northern hemisphere. Depending on the halo of habitat, the color of the moose can be either grayish or brown-black, but their main feature is the huge antlers, thanks to which moose are also called “elk”. Thanks to strong and long legs, the animal, without much difficulty, overcomes any windbreaks and even marshy and ice-covered areas. In addition, moose are good swimmers and can easily cross rivers. Females cannot boast of such luxurious branched horns as males, whose weight can be more than twenty kilograms. On the pages of this coloring, European and North American moose have gathered for kids could color them with pencils or paints.

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