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Hedgehog coloring pages

Hedgehog coloring pages are a fun way to make friends with these little animals. Hedgehogs live almost everywhere, but they don’t like to meet people. In any danger, these animals curl up into a ball and turn into a ball of needles. Hedgehogs feed in a variety of ways, are known as omnivores, but still prefer hunting at dusk. In cartoons and fairy tales, hedgehogs are wise and kind animals. Color the picture with the hedgehog you like with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Hedgehogs can be found in a variety of landscapes, from forests to deserts. Mostly omnivorous, but in most cases they prefer animal food. These are terrestrial animals, but there are species that climb and swim just as well.
Coloring page Hedgehog – In any of the fairy tales where he meets, he is presented as a kind, positive character. In the section you will find them from fairy tales and cartoons.

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