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Donkeys coloring pages

Donkeys coloring pages – black and white images for children’s creativity. They depict domesticated four-legged animals, characters from legends, cartoons and fairy tales. Similar to small horses, donkeys with a gray skin, long ears and short legs look funny. They are known for their hardiness and tough disposition. However, donkeys are indispensable in mountainous areas where there are many narrow paths. Tamed before horses, they can easily transport goods and people. How do you color the donkey?

Donkey coloring page introduces kids to one of the domestic animals tamed by people several million years ago. Most often, the animal is characterized as stubborn and at the same time unpretentious. For many nationalities, the donkey has become a reliable assistant, which has allowed developing the economy, since it was tamed even before the horse. Despite its small stature, the animal is very hardy and can carry quite large loads. Coloring to their taste all the drawings included in the collection, kids will be able to create new images of this cute animal with long ears. The process of coloring will be even more interesting if adults can tell something interesting about donkeys.

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