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Cheetah Coloring Pages

Cheetahs are somewhat atypical members of the felid family. They have excellent eyesight and are very fast. It is the quickest animal and can reach a speed of between 95 and 115 km/h in short races.

They usually eat gazelles. They are large cats that can weigh between 25 and 60 kilos. Do you like cheetahs? In this section, you will find a lot of cheetah coloring pictures. If you want it to be more fun, invite your friends to color with you. You will have a great time!

The cheetah is a spectacular animal. It is a member of the felid family, like the panthers, and its skin recognizes it and because it hunts at high speed. It’s the fastest land animal on earth and can reach speeds of between 95 and 115km/h.

The cheetah’s spotted pattern is unique to each of them. One way they can be easily identified by researchers. It is believed that no two cheetahs have the same spotting pattern.

The cheetah relies on its spots to camouflage itself in nature and obtain the surprise factor when it is ready to attack its prey. A cheetah’s tail can be 35 inches long. The cheetah is capable of purring; however, it cannot roar.

Because of its characteristics, the cheetah is often confused with the leopard in the wild. Africa and Asia are the home of the cheetah. Initially, they only inhabited Africa.

However, it is believed that during the Ice Age, they migrated to Asia. A limited number of cheetahs are also found in Iran, but few people are aware of this fact.

Cheetahs are carnivorous animals, which means they are meat-eaters. They are an active hunter, hunting early in the morning and resting during the heat of the day, and then hunting again in the early afternoon.

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