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Swan coloring pages

Swan coloring pages are black and white images of graceful birds, to which many legends and fairy tales are dedicated. Their beautiful appearance and grace inspire people for romance, love, family creation, loyalty and nobility. These birds take care not only of their family, but also of the flock as a whole. If one of the swans is weak, the whole flock will take the flight so that he can recover. Color the swans white, milky, black, or smoky. Give pictures to parents and friends.

Swans are the largest water birds. The mass of an adult male reaches 15 kg, the wingspan is about 2 m. There are pure white, gray and black variants of the color of the plumage of birds. All swans are distinguished by a long, curved neck. Birds have short paws, so they move on the ground rather awkwardly. But the flying muscles, on the contrary, are very well developed, which in the wild allows birds to fly thousands of kilometers, traveling to wintering grounds. Swans do not possess sexual dimorphism, therefore it is very difficult to distinguish a male from a female by appearance.


In its natural environment, the lifespan of a swan is 20-25 years. However, there are legends on the network that swans can live up to 150 years.

Origin and domestication

Swans have attracted the attention of people for a long time due to their beautiful external data. However, there is no information about the purposeful domestication of these birds. Swans are not fearful and are not afraid of people, so they can safely live next to a person in open water.


In the modern classification, 7 types of swans are distinguished:

  • American swan;
  • Whooper swan;
  • Trumpet swan;
  • Mute swan;
  • Small swan;
  • Black-necked swan;
  • Black Swan.

Interesting Facts about swan:

  • The graceful physique of a swan has served as the personification of beauty, romance and true love for a person. The necks of two swans swimming each other in shape also resemble a heart.
  • Whooper swan is the national bird of Finland. Mute swan – Denmark. The black swan is featured on the emblem of Western Australia.
  • Swans are royal birds. In England, they are legally the property of the Queen. But in the days of Kievan Rus, absolutely everything was eaten by fried swans. In addition, birds were hunted for their down and feathers. Thus, the plumage of a mute swan consists of about 25,000 feathers.
  • Swans usually live 15 to 20 years. The oldest registered mute swan in Denmark was 40 years old.

The swan is a stately and graceful bird. A flock of flying swans is a sight of rare beauty. People have long revered these birds as a symbol of purity and nobility. In England, more than six hundred years ago, the mute swan was declared a royal bird. Now the Queen of England owns about 20 thousand swans.

Swans fly at a speed of 60-80 km/h. There have been cases when planes collided with swans and were forced to land due to damage. Swans are very aggressive and cocky birds. They do not tolerate anyone on their territory except their mating partner and chicks. The swan pounces on everyone else as if they were sworn enemies. That is why only one pair always lives on one pond. So they live their whole life for 30-40 years, if no one disturb them.

In ancient times, swans were credited with a voice of extraordinary beauty. According to legend, at the hour of death they sing a wonderful song full of longing and despair. But, unfortunately, the swans don’t sing. They hiss, trumpet, and when caring for chicks, bark like a dog. In addition to white swans, there are also black swans in Australia and black-necked swans in South America.

However, the beauty of these birds did not prevent people from mercilessly exterminating them. This was mainly done for the sake of their meat, which until recently was considered a delicacy, as well as for the sake of the skins with white plumage.

Danish kings in due time, having waited for the beginning of molting in swans, began to hunt them. Deprived of flight feathers, the birds could not take off, and the hunters beat them to their heart’s content. In North America, the trumpeter swan, the largest of the waterfowl, was almost completely exterminated. In 1933, only 66 of them remained in the United States. It was only thanks to local conservation laws that the birds were saved. Now they are inhabited by about 7 thousand pairs.

Trumpeters organize pairs for life. Their nests are large, almost one and a half meters in diameter. The female lays 3 to 7 eggs. Incubation lasts up to 7 weeks. The male helps to guard the brood. At the age of two months, babies fly independently. By October, they are ready to fly south. Trumpeter swans usually search for food in the water and often assume an upright position, head down. It’s very funny when only a short tail sticks out above the water. Sometimes swans come ashore to nibble the grass. If in case of danger the swan cannot take off, he dives like a duck and swims under water. During sleep, the swan arches its neck to the tail and hides its beak under its wing.

Swan Coloring Pages is an amazing collection of line drawings featuring adorable long necked birds. They are graceful and refined, very often found in world literature, personify romance and loyalty. You can paint them in a collection of pictures not only in white: in nature, they are found with gray and black plumage. Its weight significantly exceeds the mass of other aquatic birds and can reach 15 kilograms! Painting swans with your child, you should tell him that they live in Eurasia, Australia. Found in North and South America. Favorite place of residence – sea lagoons.

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