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Bears coloring pages

Bear Coloring Pages is a collection of pictures with funny and slightly awkward animals. Bears are rightfully considered the masters of the forest and taiga. They love to feast on honey, berries, fish. There are images of real bears. Which plot for coloring is closer to you? Save or print a picture of bears that interests you and paint them with gouache or watercolor pencils.

Cheerful teddy bear coloring page
Cheerful teddy bear coloring page

Cheerful teddy bear – coloring page with a charming owner of the forest and taiga in childhood. Print or save a picture with him, tell the children about the favorite pastimes of the club-footed bear, and then paint it with the children with paint or pencils.

Teddy bear

Coloring Teddy Bear will remind every child and adult of his first teddy friend. Print the image, touch the paints and gouache to make the memory even brighter!

Teddy Bear with Raspberries coloring page

Coloring Teddy Bear with Raspberries – a plot for kids. With this picture, it’s easy to tell the kids about what bears eat. Thanks to the image, they themselves will guess about the favorite dish of the bear, and then they will be happy to color it.

Bear coloring page

Cheerful bear cub – coloring book with a charming owner of the forest and taiga in childhood. Print or save a picture with him, tell the children about the favorite pastimes of the club-footed bear, and then paint it with the children with paint or pencils.

Teddy Bear with a Barrel of Honey coloring page

Teddy bear with a barrel of honey is a coloring that will clearly show the favorite delicacy of the clubfoot animal. Print or save the image with the bear and color it with pencils or paints.

Teddy Bear with a Bow coloring page

Coloring Bear with a bow for girls – high quality image. Use watercolor pencils or gouache to paint the bear. Coloring promotes the development of fine motor skills of the child.

Teddy bear

Coloring Teddy Bear will remind everyone of their first friend. It was Mishutka who was entrusted with the first secrets by the girls and boys, it was possible to play with him and go on the first journey. What color was your first teddy bear?

Brown Bear coloring page

Brown bear – excellent quality coloring page for printing in A4 format. Meet the owner of the forest – the bear. He is portrayed in fairy tales as a kind and fair, slightly awkward and sometimes naive character.

Teddy Bear Goes Fishing coloring page

Teddy bear goes fishing – a coloring page that tells about another favorite pastime of bears. In addition to berries and honey, these animals love to feast on fish. Brighten up the world of the bear in anticipation of fishing with paint.

Bear coloring page

Baby bear – coloring page, which shows the baby bear. He was born in deep winter in a den and still knows nothing about the world around him. Color the bear and tell him what to do in the forest.


Bear coloring page with the owner of the forest going for a walk. The bear walks slowly through its domain. Both the squirrel and the gray wolf greet him. Everyone around you knows that the bear rightly rules the thicket.

Polar Bear coloring page

The polar bear coloring page introduces us to an amazing beast. He lives in a harsh land. In order to survive here, the bear learned to drift on ice floes, swim excellently and for a long time and quickly store fat before hibernation.

Skier Bear coloring page

Skier Bear coloring page refutes the assertion that bears are not interested in winter fun. Take a look at the bear’s outfit, well-groomed skis and the bear’s confidence! He’s definitely no stranger to winter sports! Color the sports bear in bright colors.

Space Bear coloring page

Astronaut Bear coloring page will appeal to young dreamers. If your child dreams of flying to distant stars, invite him to go on a space journey with a bear cub – color the bear and his spaceship!

Teddy bear playing golf

The bear is playing golf – a coloring page that will introduce children to another sport. Golf requires concentration, accuracy, dexterity and attention to detail. Color the teddy bear preparing to strike. Your support will help him win!

Two cute cubs

Two cute teddy bears – coloring of two kids who met at the holiday. The bear gave the girl a gift. It seems she really likes this show of attention, and she is glad to meet you. Color these cubs!

Baby bear

Baby bear sat down to rest after playing with his friends. Children will surely like the rosy baby. Print out his image and color the bear with them with pencils.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet coloring page

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet coloring page represents two true friends. Teddy bear and piglet are happy to meet new people and love to tell stories about Christopher Robin. Listen to them while you tickle Winnie the Pooh and Piglet with a paint brush.

Winnie the Pooh Eats Honey coloring page

Winnie the Pooh Eats Honey – a coloring page that shows the teddy bear’s love for sweets. At Vinnie’s house, even the clock always shows the time for a snack. Be careful when coloring this plot so as not to disturb the bear while eating.

Winnie the Pooh Eat coloring page

Winnie the Pooh overeat – coloring with a teddy bear that ate well. Take a look, it looks like the threads on the seams of the toy will soon come apart! Color Winnie the Pooh so he can go to Christopher Robin as soon as possible. He will definitely help Winnie the Pooh!

Teddy bear on a tree

Bear on a Tree – a coloring with a forest animal that knows all the hives in the area. The little bear climbed a tree to feast on the honey of one of them. Color this sweet tooth?

Polar bear resting

A polar bear resting is a portrait of the most recognizable polar inhabitant. Use gouache or felt-tip pens to paint the polar bear to show the outlines of the wild animal more clearly.

Teddy bear baby

Teddy bear baby – coloring with a funny and still unintelligent cub. Very soon, the bear will learn from its mother how to get food on its own and avoid meeting people. In the meantime, the teddy bear will be happy to make friends with you if you color it.

Brown Bear coloring page

Brown bear – coloring with animals familiar to all the guys. While you and your children are coloring the brown bear, tell them that he is underestimated. Bears run very fast, swim long distances and climb trees well.

Teddy bear coloring page

Teddy bear is a black and white coloring page for children that will remind parents of their favorite childhood friend! Offer one picture to dad or mom, and paint the second one yourself with pencils or paints.

Teddy Bear Yawns coloring page

Teddy bear yawns – a coloring page that can be offered to children of any age. Print and color it before bed. The teddy bear yawns so contagiously that young artists will probably want to sleep!

Bear coloring page

Friendly bear – coloring with a charming bear cub, which stands on its hind legs and waves at you with its front right paw. He invites you to taste wild raspberries and honey in gratitude for the fact that you color him.

Teddy Bear Fell coloring page

Teddy bear fell – a coloring that will make young artists sympathize with the awkward bear. Invite the children to color this portrait of the forest owner with pastels or pencils.

Teddy Bear and Pie coloring page

Teddy Bear and Pie – a coloring page where the teddy bear is ready to enjoy homemade cakes. Print or save the image with Mishutka to color in with paints or pencils.

Bear walks in the woods coloring page

Coloring Bear walks in the forest will appeal to little artists of preschool age. A beautiful T-shirt, pants and the bear itself should be colorfully decorated without going beyond the contours of the illustration.

Cute Bear coloring page

Boys and girls of preschool age will like this Cute Teddy Bear in Clothes coloring page. Animals make children kinder, and coloring a cute teddy bear with different details will turn into a fun creative process.

Teddy Bear with Balloon coloring page

Teddy bear coloring page is designed for preschool children. A black and white image of a funny bear is more fun to paint together with adults. The cheeks, ball and other parts of the bear’s body can be made bright without going beyond the edges of the drawing.

Juggler Bear coloring page

Juggler Bear coloring page will attract the attention of any fidget and cheer up. The bear manages not to drop a single ball, and the children need to paint them in bright colors, just like the plush juggler himself!

Winnie the Pooh coloring page

Coloring page Cute Winnie the Pooh – a colorless picture of the main character of the eponymous Soviet cartoon in all its glory. Coloring a kind character develops children’s imagination and hand motor skills. The picture of color cute Winnie the Pooh will add to the collection of coloring pages of cartoon characters.

Bear coloring page for kids

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