Harp coloring page

A young girl plays a soulful melody on the harp.

Maracas coloring page

Maracas are a type of rattle that emits a characteristic rustling sound when shaken.

Saxophone coloring page

A saxophone, its melody sounds like a dream.

Grand piano coloring page

You will see this magnificent musical instrument on almost every stage.

Violin coloring page

They say that the violin is the queen of music.

Tambourine coloring page

Such a musical instrument as a tambourine is quite easy to learn. After a short study, everyone can try themselves in the role of a musician.

Painted piano coloring page

The older a musical instrument is, the more it is valued among musicians.

Magician coloring pages

A magician’s job is to surprise others.

Doctor coloring page

The doctor treats his sick patients.

Builder coloring page

The builder can build anything.