Pepper coloring pages

Eggplant coloring pages

Beets coloring pages

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Zucchini coloring pages

Tomatoes coloring pages

Berries Coloring pages

Berries coloring pages are a pleasant reminder of summer, the blossoming of nature and the abundance of the sun. For this, pictures with berries are loved not only by children, but also by adults. Juicy, appetizing, bright fruits of trees and shrubs create a festive mood. Wild or garden berries equally attract people with their taste, color and the ability to create drinks, desserts and preparations for the winter with them. Color berries with children. It is easier for young artists to remember the features of these plants, the color palette and even geometric shapes.

Pumpkin coloring pages

Coloring pages with pumpkin – black and white images of one of the melons, which is easy to recognize even for a kid. A large garden beauty is unpretentious in care and cultivation. However, the benefits of eating pumpkin are great. It contains many vitamins and nutrients that support health and beauty. Remind the children as they paint the pumpkin bright colors that it even served as a vehicle once. The fairy godmother of Cinderella turned the pumpkin into a carriage so that the girl could be poisoned at the ball.

Cabbage coloring pages

Cabbage coloring pages are contour images with a vegetable that looks like a human head. From this came the name of the cabbage itself. It is so widespread that it has not yet been established where the birthplace of cabbage is. This vegetable is rich in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins. Cabbage is the only vegetable that, after fermentation, increases its beneficial properties. Print and save the cabbage pictures. Paint the cabbage heads and leaves light greens, reds, or purples.

Cucumbers coloring pages

Сucumbers Сoloring pages – outline images of vegetables with a lot of moisture inside the fruit. Elongated, with pimples and prickly bristles on the peel, the cucumber in our country usually becomes the first delicacy from the garden at the beginning of the new planting season. Salads, cold soups are prepared with it, cucumbers are harvested for the winter for good reason. This vegetable contains a lot of water and nutrients that strengthen the human immune system. Color the cucumber dark green with black dots on the skin with paints or pencils.