Coloring pages for boys

Spider-Man coloring pages

Spider-Man coloring pages – images of the famous superhero, who is admired by many boys. An unlucky young man and aspiring journalist, Peter Parker, is bitten by a spider. After that, something unimaginable begins to happen to the hero of the comic book history, and then to numerous film adaptations. Peter gains new abilities and begins to fight evil. Invite your children to meet their favorite hero using pictures with Spider-Man, which you can color and tell your own story.

Spider-Man costume

Color in the portrait of Peter Parker wearing the Spider-Man mask. Choose gouache, watercolors, and a feather for coloring. Without the cobwebs on his mask, Spider-Man will no longer be himself!

Spider-Man hanging on the web

Coloring page with the most popular comic book hero – Spider-Man. It looks like he got down to business sitting in ambush and watching the criminals. Want to help Peter disguise himself? Color the superhero in unusual colors for his costume!

Spider-Man without a mask

Color in a rare moment – Spider-Man without a mask. All that remains is to print or save the image, choose paint brushes or felt-tip pens and use your imagination.

Spider-Man on the web

If you are a superhero, you don’t have to catch a taxi to arrive on time. Spider-Man can walk on the web. Do you want the same? Grab markers or pencils and join Parker’s flight!

Spider-Man Goblin

Print or save a picture with the dark side of the hero. Color the Spider-Man Goblin with gouache or wax crayons with your parents and give it to a friend for Halloween.

Spider-Man coloring page

Being nimble, stealthy, and fast is no easy task. But Spider-Man can do it. Print out and paint with felt-tip pens or watercolor pencils the Spider-Man sneaking towards the next villain.

Spider-Man on a motorcycle

Coloring page with Spider-Man on the move. Where is the superhero heading? Consider his purpose as you paint Spider-Man with helium pens or pencils.

Spiderman’s spider web

Color in the most mesmerizing moment of any Spider-Man comic. Yes, he is releasing a web to save the world again! Print the image and make friends with Spider-Man coloring it.

Spider-Man jumping

Watch out! Now Spider-Man will catch the villain on the fly and justice will prevail! And before he lands, paint the portrait of the hero of the day with the brightest palette of colors you have. He deserved it, didn’t he?

Car in Spider-Men’s web

Please print or save this drawing without fail. Spider-Man shows his incredible strength here. His web, like steel cables, wrapped around the car to save the girl’s life.

Full length Spider-Man

The full-length Spider-Man coloring is eye-catching. No outfit will hide Spider-Man’s muscular body. He is about to rush into battle, but for now he is waiting for his costume to be painted with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Spider-Man prepares to jump

Spider-Man prepares to jump – coloring page for true fans of Peter Parker. Live with your favorite hero that minute when he is preparing to defeat evil! It remains only to paint the Spider-Man costume with gouache or helium pens.

Spider-Man mask

Spider-Man mask – coloring page for boys. How many of these masks do you see at each masquerade? Do you dream of owning something unique? Create your own Spider-Man mask design with pens and felt-tip pens.

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