Animals coloring pages

Lion coloring pages

Coloring pages with lions is a real journey for children to safely meet the kings of animals. The formidable animal turns into an excellent nanny and educator when it acquires offspring. Leo, like domestic cats, loves to sleep. The head of the pride rarely hunts, usually lionesses do it. Lions engage in mortal combat when they need to protect their territory and their families. The king of beasts can be printed on A4 sheet, saved and colored with pencils, watercolors or gouache.

Lion coloring page
Lion with Mane coloring page

Lion – Coloring for an animal master on vacation. A lion with a thick mane lay down to rest, but he does not lose his vigilance and carefully examines the surroundings. Color the lion while nobody alerted him.

Terrible lion coloring page with the lord of the African savannah. He is strict but fair. Would you like to meet him today? Print and color the lion with felt-tip pens or pencils.

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